Why Choose Us?

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    We love what we do!
    Everyone at Seraphim is in love with their career. We know how blessed we are to have the opportunity to teach such a limitless skill. It's undeniable that learning is more fun around people who are having fun!

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    We're good at what we do!
    Our instructors carry impressive credentials. From sharing the stage with artists such as Rihanna and Lifehouse to graduating from Berklee College of Music, our team has seen it all! Allow us to use our experience to help you grow as musicians!

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    Because you want to!
    We want our students to be pumped up to learn! If you're not having a good time, then what's the point? We pay close attention to the feedback you give us and switch methods until we feel you are most receptive. It's our promise to be constantly positive and encouraging while working with you to become your best.


  • I called Seraphim Sound Studios for guitar lessons and was given an instructor for the exact day and time I requested, which is nice because I have a pretty loaded schedule. My instructor, Russell, showed up right on time and ready to teach! He was very patient and noticed my strengths and weaknesses right away. By the end of the lesson I was already able to play the song I had been working on!

    Perry Hitechew
  • I have been taking piano lessons from Christian for three months now. Before my lessons I had no idea how to read music and didn't know very much about songwriting. Now I am able to sightread and have written 3 songs! Ashley was very kind and always made the lessons fun. I would definitely recommend Seraphim Sound Studios to my friends!

    Debra Brewer

About Our School

At Seraphim Sound Studios we take your childs natural gifts and create masters in the field!

Our highly experienced and educated instructors are trained to work off their students natural abilities. Using this method, we only need to clean up and sharpen the skills your son or daughter already has, never sacrificing their uniqueness during instruction. Our team believes where there is love for music, there is passion. And passion breeds talent!

Seraphim Sound Studios consists of a talented group of instructors who are very passionate about what we do. Music is more than our hobby, it is our lifestyle. Our teachers are world class, award-winning professionals and have the skills to pinpoint the slightest of flaws and tighten any musicians style. Because of our achievements in the entertainment business, we are able to offer our students something very special. Whenever someone attains "professional" level we offer them a shot in the industry! With our connections we are able to assist in pursuing a career in music. We can provide you with valuable opportunities such as music submissions, label showcases, and film/television auditions.

Each and every one of our students is very important to us and we develop strong relationships with them over our time together. We are there to support you as you grow into an artist and it is our pleasure to play a role in discovering your full potential! So what are you waiting for? Help expedite your children's dreams by setting up a free first lesson!

Our Staff (click images for bios)