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We offer a variety of lessons for all skill levels and age groups! A detailed list of our currently available courses are listed below!

With music lessons being one of the most popular activities in the world it is hard to deny the benefits that come along with learning an instrument. Aside from the many pleasures that come along with having the ability to sing or play an instrument, there are mental gains as well. Firstly, you enhance your character as you develop traits such as discipline, perseverance and self confidence. Also, while performing the various techniques and exercises taught in lessons you are training your brain in ways it's never had to work before. Ultimately this will increase your brain activity and overall capacity to organize and retain information. Studies have shown that people who play an instrument have a better time with mathematics, reading and comprehension. Lastly, music promotes happiness and an elevated awareness of all the beauty going on around us! So what are you waiting for? Make music lessons a part of your life today!

Private Classes


One on one is the most common, and usually most effective, way to teach someone a new skill. With all the focus on you it is easy for us to determine what you're best at and which areas need the most work. After our careful analysis we will select the proper teaching method and guide you down the road to victory. Our instructors are experts at their instruments and have a unique way of delivering the information in an easy to understand and memorable way.

More Information

  • Group Lessons

  • If you feel more comfortable learning in a group please submit your name and type of lessons desired. Depending upon the demand we may be able to create a group (4 or more students) and learn as a team!

    • Sibling Combos

    • Like learning as a family? We gladly accept sibling combos and encourage having a partner to keep you on track and enjoy the journey with! We can even split a 1 hour sibling combo lesson into two private lessons so both students get the one on one training they deserve!

      • Referral Program

      • Starting 2014 we have launched our new referral program! Simply refer us to a friend or family member and you will receive a free lesson! Refer more than one student to us and you can even receive gift cards to your favorite stores and restuarants!

        • School Discounts

        • Any schools interested in having music as a part of the after school curriculum will be considered on a case by case basis.

Base Courses


The human voice is the most unique instrument given to us in this world. To learn the art of singing is a journey that will not only effect you but the lives of everyone you touch with your music!

Electric Guitar

In a world of Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Country, RnB, Hip-Hop, Shred, Trance, Dubstep, and Modern Day Radio Pop, the guitar is a universal instrument that fits into all walks of musical life!


Piano is one of the few instruments you can play an entire orchestral score on with just two hands. In our piano courses you will learn to sight read standard notation and proper finger positions


Our Bass courses teach all aspects of Bass playing from Solo Bass to playing within ensemble groups. We teach Jazz, Funk, Rock, Classical, Pop, Slap, Hip Hop and offer 4,5,and 6 string lessons


Drums and rhythms bring life to the world. They are the most ancient instrument and go back as far as man. After one lesson with our talented instructor and you gain a new perspective on percussion.

Acoustic Guitar

Our Acoustic guitar courses cover classical, flamenco, folk, blues, jazz, fingerstyling and even just playing a simple cover song! From tuning to learning masterpieces this program is for everyone!


Nearly identical to piano the synth brings a whole new set of possibilities to the table! From strings to drums to creating your very own sounds from scratch midi controllers are the way of the future!

Violin / Cello

The Strings are delicate instruments that allow you express your innermost feelings, yet demand patience! Attain their elusive vibrato, and this instrument bears a reward well worth the journey


The smooth soulful sounds of the sax are some of the most unique and memorable in any ensemble. Although the sax can be used in all genres it finds home in Jazz and Classical performances.


From parties to weddings to your bedroom, DJing is an art that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys music. You don't need to play an instrument to rock the house anymore, check out our DJ course today!

Maschine / MPC

The MPC / Maschine is one of the music industry's biggest and most popular beat making tools. From composing drums to chopping samples from the classics this course will open your eyes to a new world.


This advanced course is where blossoming musicians can learn what it takes to create original songs from scratch and record them professionally from home with minimal recording gear.

Pro Tools 101

After one session on Avid's Pro Tools and you will see why it is the leading recording software on the market! Considered the industry standard, Pro Tools serves the industries biggest names!

Logic 101

Logic Pro is Apple's answer to Pro Tools. With an easier learning curve than many other DAWS and tons of great sounding instruments that come stock, Logic is a music producers dream!

FL Studio 101

New to the world of music production? FL Studio offers a simple but powerful look into the world of music production. Although great for beginners it is also used by some of the industries biggest producers