The time has come to make a change. Stop wishing on stars and start becoming one!


Did you know people who participate in a music program are twice as likely to excel in other subject areas and ultimately earn a higher income? Seraphim Sound Studios offers professional and private, in-home voice lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons, music production lessons, songwriting workshops, logic, protools, ableton, cubase, and other music software lessons, in addition to artist development and representation. Our instructors are active in the music industry and impressively educated. Whether you're looking to enhance your children's lives with beginning music lessons or need assistance developing yourself as an artist, we are here to make your dreams a reality.


When acquiring a new skill it is important to have the proper instruction. Would you learn how to drive a car from someone who doesn't even have their license? Of course not! That's why Seraphim Sound Studios prides ourselves on the achievements of our instructors. You can only be as good as the one whose teaching you and our teachers are the best! With incomparable credentials and unbelievable success in the music world, you can rest easy knowing you're learning from the industries finest. We don't want you to take our word for it, though! Every year we hold a recital to display the progress everyone has made. It's a great way to show the friends and families of our students how much we are really learning!


So you've decided you want to be a musician, congratulations! It takes a special person to dive into the world of music and it can be a tough place for beginners. Without the proper guidance one may become frustrated and give up on music, leaving their desire to express themselves through song unfulfilled. Don't let music become another hobby you walk away from. Music is an amazing art that can transform you into an entirely new person. A person who everyone loves being around and brings the life to the party! If this sounds like somebody you're ready to become, check out our teachers' bios call us today! We will determine the type of classes needed and pair you with an instructor who best suits your needs.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers

The musical coaches at Seraphim Sound Studios are nothing short of world class talent. Not only do they teach music, they live it! Receiving instruction from people who are actively participating in the music game will not only equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to play an instrument or sing, but will also allow you to gain valuable insight into the music industry. Our instructors aren't wanna-be's or have-been's in the field, they ARE the field. Under the guiding hand of Seraphim Sound Studios, you are sure to see your dreams realized! With a deep understanding of music and theory in all instruments and genres, we have a teacher who specializes in your area of interest. (See our Teachers Bios on our "About" page for more info)